Launch of Satori Gallery

This weekend starts the 1 week countdown to the launch of a brand new concept in artist representation; Satori Gallery In partnership with my life partner Sonya I am delighted to be creating and curating a commission-free online gallery that will take new and established creatives in fine art, ceramics, sculpture and photography and showcase… Read More

Depth of Branding

For most people, a brand signifies a logo, a name and some nice colours and fonts. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the long list of elements that underpin the most successful brand. Think firstly about the chaos or unrest that might come from change in your organisation.… Read More

Tips for Prioritising

Time. Our most precious commodity and one we should value above all else. When it comes to optimising our time, even the most planful and experienced time managers sometimes need to remind themselves of the most effective tips for prioritising actions, tasks and activities in our ever hectic work and private lifestyles. So what are… Read More